As a makeup artist, my beauty aesthetic represents the multi-faceted character of NYC. I create looks that represent the unique faces of the urban aesthetic--from dark, gothic fetish looks to the everyday city chic. 

Even with all my experience in the fashion and beauty world, which, as a beauty professional, I'm constanting learning and growing from, my beauty mantra is and has always been this: "Don't settle for pretty; be a rose." This belief stems from my childhood and has held strong ever since. My love for makeup artistry started when I was 5, when I started creating looks with my mother's red lipsticks. As I grew older, I learned that makeup artistry goes beyond creating a "pretty" face. It is something that has the power to enhance and express one's unique beauty and self. This is something I ultimately learned from my grandmother, whose name is a Latin American variation of Rose. She was beautiful not just for her features, but for her individuality, and she used cosmetics to communicate this. She wasn't concerned about appealing to everyone else's perception of beauty. She was only interested in appealing to her own sense of what's beautiful and what works best for her own beauty. This is what "being a rose" has come to mean to me: being the most beautiful one can be--being and embodying one's own individual beauty. This is what I help to do when I work with each and every one of my clients--creating beautiful looks unique to their features and personality that help to bring out the best in each of them.